About Us
Mathis Welding and Machine Company of Lake City, Florida was established in
1928 and began manufacturing Fireline Plows and forestry equipment. The first
ever Fireline Plow was completed in 1932. The sixth plow was built in 1933 and
later donated to the Smithsonian Institute by St. Regis Paper Co. and Mathis Plow
Co. in 1975. The Mathis Welding and Machine Company was incorporated as
Mathis Plow Company in 1965.

In 1981, Mathis Plow Company, Inc. moved from Lake City, Florida to Starkville,
Mississippi and merged with Forestry Equipment Sales Company of Louisville,
Mississippi and together formed FESCO
®, a division of Mathis Plow Company. It
was a Florida Corporation licensed to do business in Mississippi under the trade
name FESCO
®. 'FESCO' and 'Woody Pine' are registered national trade marks
obtained in 1985 and 1986. The equipment manufactured to date includes over 30
different models of forestry preparation and planting equipment. FESCO
® has
equipment operating in 42 states and 6 foreign countries.

In May 2013, Oliver & Dahlman Equipment Co., Inc in Hastings, Florida purchased
FESCO®/Mathis Plow Company in Starkville, Mississippi. We are a full line
manufacturing company and are continuing the Mathis Plow product line. Our goal
is to supply quality parts and fireline plows for the timber industry. We also
manufacture disc harrows for the forestry industry.

Oliver & Dahlman Equipment Company was established in 1953 and has been
serving the agriculture community in the southeast for 60 years. We custom build
equipment for the Sugar Cane, Vegetable and Citrus growers throughout the state
of Florida. In addition to our line of equipment, we carry a large inventory of US
made disc harrow blades, disc harrow parts, coulter blades, Rome harrow parts,
fire line plow parts, tillage tools, spray parts and much more.

We offer various types of harrows and manufacture various types of tillage and
forestry equipment to accommodate our customer needs.

If you do not see a product that fits your needs specifications, please give us a call
e-mail us.