P.O. Box 308 • Hastings, FL 32145
Phone: (904) 692-1326 • Fax: (904) 692-2199
Oliver & Dahlman Equipment Co., Inc is the manufacturer and the sole
source provider for all fireline plow parts and forestry equipment sold under
the name Mathis Plow Company, Sieco and FESCO®.

Our goal is to supply quality parts and fireline plows for the timber industry.

We offer various types of harrows and manufacture various types of tillage
and forestry equipment to accommodate our customer needs.

If you do not see a product that fits your needs specifications, please give us
a call or
e-mail us.
Mathis Plow Company
A Division of Oliver & Dahlman Equipment Co., Inc
Photo: The third fireline plow built in the USA in 1928